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PGC 11015



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The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey. III. Observations Toward the Galaxy Pair NGC 7332/7339 and the Isolated Galaxy NGC 1156
Two 5 deg2 regions around the NGC 7332/9 galaxy pair and theisolated galaxy NGC 1156 have been mapped in the 21 cm line of neutralhydrogen (H I) with the Arecibo L-band Feed Array out to a redshift of~0.065 (~20,000 km s-1) as part of the Arecibo GalaxyEnvironment Survey. One of the aims of this survey is to investigate theenvironment of galaxies by identifying dwarf companions and interactionremnants; both of these areas provide the potential for suchdiscoveries. The neutral hydrogen observations were complemented byoptical and radio follow-up observations with a number of telescopes. Atotal of 87 galaxies were found, of which 39 (45%) were previouslycataloged and 15 (17%) have prior redshifts. Two dwarf galaxies havebeen discovered in the NGC 7332 group and a single dwarf galaxy in thevicinity of NGC 1156. A parallel optical search of the area revealed onefurther possible dwarf galaxy near NGC 7332.

The Arecibo Legacy Fast Alfa Survey. VIII. H I Source Catalog of the Anti-Virgo Region at δ = +25°
We present a fourth catalog of H I sources from the Arecibo LegacyFast ALFA (ALFALFA) Survey. We report 541 detections over 136deg2, within the region of the sky having 22h <α < 03h and 24° < δ < 26°. Thiscomplements a previous catalog in the region 26° < δ <28°. We present here the detections falling into three classes: (1)extragalactic sources with signal-to-noise ratio (S/N)>6.5, where thereliability of the catalog is better than 95%; (2) extragalactic sources5.0 < S/N < 6.5 and a previously measured optical redshift thatcorroborates our detection; or (3) High Velocity Clouds (HVCs), orsubcomponents of such clouds, in the periphery of the Milky Way. Of the541 objects presented here, 90 are associated with HVCs, while theremaining 451 are identified as extragalactic objects. Opticalcounterparts have been matched with all but one of the extragalacticobjects.

A Digital Archive of H I 21 Centimeter Line Spectra of Optically Targeted Galaxies
We present a homogeneous compilation of H I spectral parametersextracted from global 21 cm line spectra for some 9000 galaxies in thelocal universe (heliocentric velocity-200

An image database. II. Catalogue between δ=-30deg and δ=70deg.
A preliminary list of 68.040 galaxies was built from extraction of35.841 digitized images of the Palomar Sky Survey (Paper I). For eachgalaxy, the basic parameters are obtained: coordinates, diameter, axisratio, total magnitude, position angle. On this preliminary list, weapply severe selection rules to get a catalog of 28.000 galaxies, wellidentified and well documented. For each parameter, a comparison is madewith standard measurements. The accuracy of the raw photometricparameters is quite good despite of the simplicity of the method.Without any local correction, the standard error on the total magnitudeis about 0.5 magnitude up to a total magnitude of B_T_=17. Significantsecondary effects are detected concerning the magnitudes: distance toplate center effect and air-mass effect.

A 21 CM survey of the Pisces-Perseus supercluster. IV - Addenda to the declination zone 21.5 deg to 33.5 deg
Using the 305-m Arecibo telescope, 21-cm line data on 472 disk galaxiesin the Pisces-Perseus supercluster have been obtained. Data on galaxiessmaller than 1 arcmin are presented for the declination strips coveredin previous studies (Giovanelli and Haynes, 1985 and Giovanelli et al.,1986). Tables of the 21-cm line data for this region are presented.

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Right ascension:02h55m12.60s
Aparent dimensions:0.49′ × 0.479′

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