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UDF 7556



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Stellar Disk Truncations at High z: Probing Inside-Out Galaxy Formation
We have conducted a systematic search for stellar disk truncations indisklike galaxies at intermediate redshift (z<1.1) using the HubbleUltra Deep Field data. We use the position of the truncation as a directestimator of the size of the stellar disk. After accounting for thesurface brightness evolution of the galaxies, our results suggest thatthe radial position of the truncations has increased with cosmic time by~1-3 kpc in the last ~8 Gyr. This result indicates a small to moderate(~25%) inside-out growth of the disk galaxies since z~1.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:03h32m40.78s
Apparent magnitude:21
Aparent dimensions:0.123′ × 0.105′

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