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HD 216525



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New periodic variables from the Hipparcos epoch photometry
Two selection statistics are used to extract new candidate periodicvariables from the epoch photometry of the Hipparcos catalogue. Theprimary selection criterion is a signal-to-noise ratio. The dependenceof this statistic on the number of observations is calibrated usingabout 30000 randomly permuted Hipparcos data sets. A significance levelof 0.1 per cent is used to extract a first batch of candidate variables.The second criterion requires that the optimal frequency be unaffectedif the data are de-trended by low-order polynomials. We find 2675 newcandidate periodic variables, of which the majority (2082) are from theHipparcos`unsolved' variables. Potential problems with theinterpretation of the data (e.g. aliasing) are discussed.

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Member of following groups:

Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:22h53m28.28s
Apparent magnitude:9.561
Proper motion RA:9.9
Proper motion Dec:-2.7
B-T magnitude:10.953
V-T magnitude:9.676

Catalogs and designations:
Proper Names   (Edit)
HD 1989HD 216525
TYCHO-2 2000TYC 1153-731-1
USNO-A2.0USNO-A2 0975-21107523
HIPHIP 113029

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