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NGC 159



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Spitzer Observations of Star Formation in N159 in the LMC
We present observations of the giant HII region complex N159 in the LMCusing IRAC on the Spitzer Space Telescope. One of the two objectspreviously identified as protostars in N159 has an SED consistent withclassification as a Class I young stellar object (YSO) and the other isprobably a Class I YSO as well, making these two stars the youngeststars known outside the Milky Way. We identify two other sources thatmay also be Class I YSOs. The integrated luminosity of the entirecomplex is L ˜ 9x106 Lsun, consistent with the observedradio emission assuming a normal Galactic initial mass function (IMF).There is no evidence for a red supergiant population indicative of anolder burst of star formation. The morphology of the region isconsistent with a wind blown bubble ˜ 1-2 Myr-old that has initiatedstar formation now taking place at the rim.Support for the authors was provided by NASA through contracts 256406and 1215746 issued by JPL/Caltech

The Catalog of Southern Ringed Galaxies
The Catalog of Southern Ringed Galaxies (CSRG) is a comprehensivecompilation of diameters, axis ratios, relative bar position angles, andmorphologies of inner and outer rings, pseudorings, and lenses in 3692galaxies south of declination -17 deg. The purpose of the catalog is toevaluate the idea that these ring phenomena are related to orbitalresonances with a bar or oval in galaxy potentials. The catalog is basedon visual inspection of most of the 606 fields of the Science ResearchCouncil (SRC) IIIa-J southern sky survey, with the ESO-B, ESO-R, andPalomar Sky surveys used as auxiliaries when needed for overexposed coreregions. The catalog is most complete for SRC fields 1-303 (mostly southof declination -42 deg). In addition to ringed galaxies, a list of 859mostly nonringed galaxies intended for comparison with other catalogs isprovided. Other findings from the CSRG that are not based on statisticsare the identification of intrinsic bar/ring misalignment; bars whichunderfill inner rings; dimpling of R'1pseudorings; pointy, rectangular, or hexagonal inner or outer ringshapes; a peculiar polar-ring-related system; and other extreme examplesof spiral structure and ring morphology.

Southern Galaxy Catalogue.
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Member of following groups:

Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:00h34m35.60s
Aparent dimensions:1.413′ × 0.562′

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 159

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