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IC 2769



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Galaxy coordinates. II. Accurate equatorial coordinates for 17298 galaxies
Using images of the Digitized Sky Survey we measured coodinates for17298 galaxies having poorly defined coordinates. As a control, wemeasured with the same method 1522 galaxies having accurate coordinates.The comparison with our own measurements shows that the accuracy of themethod is about 6 arcsec on each axis (RA and DEC).

Far-infrared counterpart to the optical and H I plume in the Leo triplet of galaxies - NGC 3623, NGC 3627, and NGC 3628
A study of the IR emission in the Leo triplet of interacting galaxies ispresented. A new background subtraction routine is applied toIRAS-calibrated raw detector data covering a 4 sq deg field centered onthe triplet of galaxies. The discovery of an extragalactic IRcounterpart is reported at 60 and 100 microns to the previously knownoptical and H I tidal plume associated with NGC 3628. The IR plume has aratio I(100 microns)/N(H) of 7 + or - 4 x 10 to the -15th Jy/sr per H Iatoms per sq cm, in striking agreement with Galactic cirrus clouds, anda dust-to-gas ratio of 3.3 x 10 to the -5th. These values are consistentwith the tidal model of the plume formation. The IR plume also exhibitsa gradient of decreasing temperature along the plume away from NGC 3628which can be explained by a dilution of the stellar optical and UVradiation field. In addition to the Leo triplet galaxies, almost allbackground late-type galaxies in the field were detected.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:11h22m25.64s
Apparent magnitude:99.9

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ICIC 2769

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